The new Series R РL is of wide design to fit into the more traditional shops, where space may not be a restriction
The new Series R – L “wide” is available with 2 or 3 working tanks offering load capacities of 12, 15 and 18kg

Standard features fitted on the new R Series

  • Floor guard, Solvent safety tray
  • Air-operated interlocks and micro-switches on all doors
  • Water safety valve
  • INVERTER on the main motor
  • Sound-proofing cover for the fridge unit
  • Closed circuit system with heat pump
  • Continuous or temporary distillation
  • Automatic button trap drying system
  • Large double air lint filter
  • Automatic still wall washing system
  • Still inspection light
  • Choice of solvent filtration systems available
  • Automatic electronic drying thermostat
  • ELECTRIC or STEAM heating
  • Still with pressurized water system

Download the spec sheet for available models