Tunnel washer for wash processes in standing baths with internal water recovery system (with tanks)

  • Available for batch sizes of 36, 50, 60, 75 100 and 120 kg (80, 110, 132, 165, 220 and 265 lbs)
    excellent wash quality for all sorts of linen and degrees of soiling
  • Washing in standing baths, rinsing in counterflow (bath exchange rinsing is available as FlexRinse option) for highest flexibility even for frequent changes of linen categories
  • Best mechanical action and reliable transport behaviour due to the eccentric, wash board shaped Archimedian helix (patented)
  • Adjustable drum rotation speed in order to vary the mechanical action
    very low water consumption by means of an internal water reclaim system
  • 4 wash beaters per compartment for higher mechanical action and various cool down options for processing e.g. polycotton-garments
  • Fresh water consumption of less than 2.0 l/kg (0.53 gl/2.20 lbs) is possible with the Universal BlueEdition
  • New QuickSoak and new EcoSafeguard boost productivity of the Senking Universal tunnel washer – combines very efficient and precise soaking effect with process monitoring
  • Also available in gas heated version (JENSEN CleanTech)