The all-in-one folder

  • A multi-purpose folder with excellent folding quality in mixed production
  • With 3 lateral folding stations giving:
    A) 3 lateral folds as 1/2 folds.
    B) 2 lateral folds as 1/2 folds edges upside (B + C fold) or edges down (A + B fold).
    C) M-fold (table linen) in 1 lane,
  • 2 or 3 cross folds in 1, 2 or 3 lanes
  • Automatic center finding of 1st cross fold
  • Also for mixed production (light/heavy) in the same category, i.e. you choose the folding pattern, and the folder will give all types of linen the same precise fold, regardless of linen type and ironer speed and without adjustment of the folding program
  • Working width up to 3250 mm on 1-4 lanes
  • As UNIVERSAL 1 lane XF with special cross fold section for French fold available
  • Suitable for a high-quality, multipurpose line, and when special folds as the M-fold and French fold are needed