Industrial Tumble Dryers: DR Series (Large Capacity)


  • Large door opening for easy loading and unloading
  • Standard galvanized drum
  • Unique drum supporting system
  • Self cleaning large lint filter for easy removal and efficient drying
  • Radial airflow
    – drum perforations over the entire surface
    – high production
    – pulley drive system
  • Standard frequency inverter
    – Soft start/stop
    – Decreased operational noise
    – Increased unit lifespan
  • Enclosed back for easy access to all rear mounted parts
  • Easy serviceability and diagnostics
  • High performance heating
  • Reversing: prevents linen from tangling
  • Optional CARE (Combustion Auto Response Equipped)
    – Prevents early laundry fire by constantly monitoring the temperature in the drum
    – In case of excessive temperature, linen is sprayed with water


  • OPL Applications:

Dual Digital Control
– 4 freely adaptable programs
– Temperature, drying and cool down times easily programmable

OPTimum Control
– 30 programmable cycles
– 3 cycle types:

Time Dry:  programmable time and temperature

Auto Dry: 11 programmable automatic dryness levels and programmable temperature

Moisture Dry: will dry to the programmed moisture level at programmed temperature

The DR Series of large capacity tumble dryers come available in models with a capacity of 51kg, 70kg and 83kg

Download the spec sheet for available models


Overdry Prevention Technology (OPT) reduces drying time, utility & labour cost and extends linen life