G.35 drying ironers are worldwide recognized for the unmatched ironing finish, obtained thanks to a specifically studied pressure roller that allows treating even the most complex and delicate fabrics including silk, organza, satin, and embroidered fabrics.

Being an ironer specialist manufacturer allows GMP to concentrate its complete R&D effort and production structure to process internally the components, which represent the heart of the ironing process.

Results are clearly visible and appreciated: G.35 drying ironers are tremendously strong and reliable, and are manufactured using high-quality oversized parts. Their superior quality made G.35 successfully affirm even on the most exigent European markets, indeed.

Following the same design philosophy applied to ironers for decades, GMP has designed for G.35 low maintenance solutions, which result in concrete benefits such as reduced ownership and maintenance costs over the years.

G.35 has proven giving excellent ironing results on catering round-shaped table clothes, and especially on the bright polycotton fabrics, or the high-quality cotton or linen. In fact, ironing with belts technology represents a big advantage when processing round or oval catering table cloths because it avoids any fibre distortion.

An efficient temperature control, with reactive sensors and an excellent management of the power installed gives performances above the average and at same time avoids any energy waste.


  • Microprocessor control
  • Frequency controlled variable ironing speed
  • Specially developed pressure roller
  • Nomex ironing belts: long lasting and resistant to temperatures of 200°C
  • Feeding belts
  • Smart foot pedal stopping feeding belts for maximum ease of introduction
  • Emergency stop button and finger protection bar
  • Front linen return
  • Automatic cool-down


Cylinder Dimensions: 1480 x Ø325 mm
Available Heating Sources: Electric, Steam
Hourly Production: 43 kg (r.h. 50%)
Heating Power: 18 kW
Steam Consumption: 19 kg/h
Standard Supply Voltage: E: 400/3N – S: 230/1N
Ironing Speed: 1,6 ÷ 5 m/min
Ironer Dimensions: 2010 x 550 x 1100 mm
Net Weight: 450 kg

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