Ecological pre- and post spotting cabinet

  • Manufactured with stainless steel working surface, hood and two spotting arms
  • Built-in single phase suction unit for spotting arms
  • Built-in hood with filter
  • Built-in ecological filter
  • Internal lighting device

Spotting devices upon request

  • Cold spotting device with two cold spotting guns with tanks and drying air gun
  • Pre-spotting device consisting of soap brush and detergent tank
  • Hot spotting device for central steam supply with steam-air gun, two adjustable solenoid valves and condensate separator
  • Ultraviolet lamp


  • Versatility of use with three different spotting options
  • Ecological unit due to the activated charcoal filter and residual detergant recovery tank
  • Two differently sized spotting arms (a large and a small one)
  • Transformer with low voltage control (24V)
  • Powerful three-phase suction unit

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