Welcome to D.E.K.S.A. Ltd.

Our Story

D.E.K.S.A. Ltd. was founded in 1960 by Benon Eojourian, headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus.

D.E.K.S.A. Ltd. is a leading distributor of Commercial and Industrial Equipment, with a focus on Commercial and Industrial Laundry Equipment, Dry and Wet Cleaning, HVAC and Steam Engineering Equipment, Measuring Instruments and Hygiene Products. In 1985, D.E.K.S.A. Ltd. established its sister Company Neroclean Co.Ltd. which specialises in Water Treatment Systems and Chemicals. All which complement each other in various projects.

With 60 years of experience in the industry, D.E.K.S.A. Ltd. is confident to provide integrated solutions in design, development, supply, installation, maintenance and servicing for all its business activities.

D.E.K.S.A. Ltd.’s engineers are qualified professionals in their respective fields and carry a unique certificate of excellence by its distributors in servicing their products.

Our Assurance

Our Management procedures are strictly professional, through effective time management techniques, true organisational and operational skills as well as effective communication of all processes from top to bottom.

We are a certified IQNet Association organisation with a CYS EN ISO 9001:2015 certification. ISO 9001 provides a general yet complete structure on which organisations can establish processes to help achieve sustainable business objectives like enhancing customer satisfaction.

Our aim is to keep all our processes in harmony in order to reflect our true image and keep our status as the leading distributor of Steam Boilers, Industrial, Commercial & Professional Laundry, Dry & Wet Cleaning Equipment in Cyprus.

DEKSA LTD provides after sales service and genuine spare parts and consumables for all its products. Our engineers are qualified professionals in their respective fields and carry a unique certificate of excellence from our distributors in servicing their products.

Our knowledge comes from years of experience in the field, and acts as an unbeatable and invaluable asset which speaks for itself.

D.E.K.S.A. LTD is serious about Laundry & Steam and we’ve been at it since 1960. Over the years we have built a winning reputation for reliability and quality. We are proud authorized distributors of the best Laundry, Dry cleaning, Ironing and Steam Boiler equipment brands in the world and offer the most comprehensive range of products and services for your needs. Read More
From the consultation stage, to the installation, training and after sales support, we are there for you. We work methodically to maintain the highest level of quality possible for all our valued customers, from the smallest to the biggest investor.

Why D.E.K.S.A.

Certified Distributors

Official leading distributor of world renowned manufacturers supplying specialised commercial and industrial equipment.

Core Strength

Market leaders in specialised sectors providing professional services.

Our Promise

To deliver the best products and services to the best of our abilities.

Our Quality

ISO 9001:2015 certification for its quality management system and compliant with Health and Safety regulations.

Trained Technicians

D.E.K.S.A. LTD.’s engineers are qualified professionals in their respective fields and carry a unique certificate of excellence by its distributors in servicing their products.

After Sales

After sales maintenance and service with controlled stock of genuine spare parts for all brands distributed.

Key Differentiators


Large network of clients within Cyprus and abroad.


In depth market knowledge and experience with highly trained engineers.


Building strong  and lasting client relationships, with long term solutions, engineered to credibly outperform.

Our Structure

Commercial & Industrial Laundry Equipment

  • Commercial & Industrial Laundry Equipment
  • Coin-Operated Equipment
  • Dry & Wet Cleaning Equipment
  • Laundry Spare Parts & Consumables

HVAC & Steam Engineering Equipment

  • Steam Boilers and Burners
  • Hot Boilers & Burners
  • Steam Network Accessories
  • HVAC Equipment
  • Measuring Instruments

Hygiene Equipment

  • KN95/FFP2 Masks
  • Ozone Sanitising Cabinets
  • Towel Disinfection Cabinets
  • Ozone Generating Air and Water Purifiers
  • UV light Sanitisers and Sterilisers
  • Totem for Hygiene Devices
  • Water Soluble Laundry Bags
  • Medical and Organic Waste Compactors
  • Steamers

Water Treatments & Chemicals

  • Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Industrial Softening Plants
  • Membrane Separation Equipment
  • Filtration & Ion-Exchange Equipment
  • Desalination Plants
  • UV, Ozone and Chlorine Dioxide Disinfection Plants