We offer a wide variety of laundry consumables

Laundry consumables play a vital part in keeping your commercial and industrial laundry machines under optimal working conditions and allow your business to provide the best possible service. Consumables are always under constant pressure, friction or regular use and need to be replaced quite frequently. We only use Genuine and/or Original Equipment Manufacturer consumables and parts.

DEKSA LTD can offer a wide variety of laundry consumables such as v-belts, guide tapes, paddings, dry cleaning filters, clothes hangers, wax and many more.

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Some of our Laundry and Dry Cleaning consumables

  • Washer Grease Boxes
  • V-belts
  • Ironer Ribbons
  • Ironer Paddings
  • Ironing Paddings
  • Clothes Hangers
  • Thermopatch tape rolls
  • Thermopatch tags
  • Thermopatch ink ribbon cartridges

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